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Canteen Pricelist

Free School Meals and Clothing Grant applications – 2017/18

Applications for free school meals and clothing grants can be submitted online.  Please go to and search for Free School Meals and Clothing Grants.  This form can be accessed on smartphones and tablets as well as laptops and desktops.  Application forms can be printed from the same page (at the very bottom).


North Highland College

North Highland College start and end times 2017-18

Higher & National 5 additional class support information for Computing and Business Management

H and Nat 5 additional class support info

Course Information 2018-19

S3 Subject Information 2018-19

Senior Phase Subject Information 2018-19

Option Forms 2018-19

S2 to S3 Option Form 2018-19

S2 into S3 Choices 2018-19 back of form

S3 to S4 Option Form 2018-19

S3 into S4 Choices 2018-19 back of form

S4 to S5-S6 Option Form

S4 into S5-6 Choices 2018-19 back of form

S5 to S6 Option Form 2018-19

College Options 2018-19

College Application form



THS Senior Phase Parents’ Info Evening Nov 2017(Powerpoint)


Google Classroom


School Information

School Lunch Menu

School Closures


Highland Council polices are available here

Information for Parents of new S1 Pupils 2017-18

Cashless Catering FAQ

Introducing Cashless Catering

Highland Esafety Blog

SQA Information for Senior Phase Pupils 2017-18

SQA Parent Letter 2017 (28.08.2017)






Tracking, Monitoring and Reporting Information

THS Tracking and Reporting Information for Parents S3 Aug2017

THS Tracking and Reporting Information for Parents Senior Phase Sept 2017

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